Urgent Needs

Here are our most pressing needs and upcoming projects



Green denotes amount raised.

New Vehicle in Liberia

Ford Ranger

Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $10,880

Still Needed: $19,120



Transitional Safe Home

A home for children rescued from abusive and neglectful orphanages. Total needed is for one year of running this home (April 2015-2016).

Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $41,000

Still Needed: $34,200


Scholarship Program

23 young adults have a dream to continue their educations and make an impact on their war torn nation of Liberia. Scholarship a student and provide for expenses such as their tuition, books, test fees, and more. 


Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $26,229.15

Still Needed: $3,490.85


Anti-Trafficking Initiative

$360 a year saves one child. Our goal is to save 230 children! Rescue a child today!


Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $4,257

Still Needed: $78,543 


Frances Gaskin Rescue Home for Children

Building Project: Phase One

Construciton for phase one of this project is complete.

Still Need:

  • $8,000    Furniture, Cabinents, Desks 

Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $600

Still Needed: $7,400


Frances Gaskin Rescue Home for Children

Building Project: Phase Two

Phase two of this project is a single story four classroom school building


Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $45,366.11

Still Needed: $14,343.89