Urgent Needs

Here are our most pressing needs and upcoming projects



Green denotes amount raised.

New Vehicle in Liberia

Ford Ranger

Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $10,880

Still Needed: $19,120


Tuition for Seniors

Due to Ebola students were unable to attend school last year. Therefore, many of the children have to resit their Senior year before they can graduate.

Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $0

Still Needed: $1,200


Sponsorship Program

23 young adults have a dream to continue their educations and make an impact on their war torn nation of Liberia. Scholarship a student and provide for expenses such as their tuition, books, test fees, and more. 


Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $26,229.15

Still Needed: $3,490.85


Anti-Trafficking Initiative

$360 a year rescues one child. Our goal is to save 246 children! Rescue a child today!


Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $4,257

Still Needed: $84,303