Urgent Needs

Here are our most pressing needs and upcoming projects



Green denotes amount raised.

Transitional Safe Home

A home for children rescued from abusive and neglectful orphanages. Please  click here to download the proposal. 

Still Need:

  • $30,000  New Vehicle
  • $8,400    Vehicle Fuel & Maintenance
  • $4,000    Furniture, Household Goods
  • $5,000    Generator & Solar System
  • $6,240    Generator Fuel & Maintenance
  • $2,000    Water Pump System
  • $1,200    Clothing
  • $800       School Supplies
  • $4,800    Medical Exams
  • $5,400    Teachers/Tutors
  • $7,080    Emergency & Family Tracing


Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $85,079.62

Still Needed: $74,920.38

Scholarship Program

19 young adults have a dream to continue their educations and make an impact on their war torn nation of Liberia. Scholarship a student and provide for expenses such as their tuition, books, test fees, and more. 


Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $12,913

Total Pledged: $7,800

Still Needed: $12,687


Anti Child-Trafficking Initiative

By the fall of 2014, we plan to save 160 new children from a lifetime of slavery and sustain the 40 children we saved in the fall of 2013, ensuring that a total of 200 children will be kept from being trafficked. This will cost $360 per child for the year. 


Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $38,120

Still Needed: $33,880


Frances Gaskin Rescue Home for Children Building Project: Phase One

Phase one of this project will provide a two story building with two classrooms on the first floor and a two room  boy's dormitory on the second floor.

Still Need:

  • $8,000    Bunk Beds, Cabinents, Desks 

Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $145,097

Still Needed: $0


Frances Gaskin Rescue Home for Children Building Project: Phase Two

Phase two of this project is a single story four classroom school building


Total Needed: 

Total Raised: $10,000

Still Needed: $49,710