He's got a dream...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with a pretty extraordinary boy. Trokon is fourteen and he is a true orphan, which means that both his parents are dead. As a result, he has lived most of his life in an orphanage. Orphan Relief and Rescue has been working with the orphanage where Trokon lives since 2007, and we have had the pleasure of watching him grow up to be a leader in his home. Trokon is an active participant in the Child Development Program, and he's also benefiting from our Child Sponsorship Program.  

While most boys his age are more interested in playing soccer than getting an education, this is not true of Trokon. You can definitely find him on the soccer field, but finishing his education is his first priority. In fact, he was studying and working so hard in school that he was moved up a grade this semester—he started the school year in 7th grade and will graduate from 8th grade in June. This is a spectacular achievement for a young person in school in Liberia.  

As we were talking yesterday, Trokon started telling me about his own hopes and dreams for his future. He says he will graduate from college with three degrees—Medical Doctor, Theologian, and Geologist. He says he hopes to study his degrees in Africa and stay in Liberia to help his people. He says Liberia is the home of freedom and liberty, and he has high hopes of making a positive impact on his beloved county. I was proud and humbled as he went on to say that he prays everyday that God will help him to be a good influence to others. 

The truth is Trokon already is a great influence to others around him, both to the brothers and sisters he lives with in the orphanage and to his uncles and aunties at Orphan Relief and Rescue. It is our hope and desire to be able to help Trokon achieve his dreams of finishing college—even changing the world. 

There are many more children out there, like Trokon, who have a dream and a destiny. It is because of support from our donors that we are able to sustain programs like the ones that are benefiting Trokon. If you would like to help, please sponsor a child or make a donation today.

Thank you.