Frances Gaskin Security Fence

The security fence at Frances Gaskin's has been completed! Thank you to all who helped support this project!



Children enjoying the shade of the mango tree

Why does an orphanage need a security fence?

There are several reasons why a security fence is needed at every orphanage, and at this orphanage in particular.

  • First of all, it's required: the government stipulates that every orphanage must be enclosed by a security fence to protect the children.
  • Frances Gaskin Children's Refuge has had two armed robberies in recent memory. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt but both incidents remind us that any amount of foreign assistance can make the orphanage a target.
  • Orphans in West Africa are often not valued as highly as other children, and are seen as an easy target for child trafficking, domestic and international, and even ritual sacrifice.

The proposed security fence, below, is approximately 435 feet long, and will enclose the orphanage campus with a six to eight foot cinder block wall on a simple concrete foundation and razor wire along the top.

Robert Lee sitting in a classroom at Frances Gaskin Children's Refuge

Why not just erect a chain link fence?

Blocks are used in lieu of chain link because (a) chain link is imported and thus extremely expensive; (b) chain link fences rust very quickly in the high-humidity, near-shore environment; and (c) two sides of the property are already enclosed by block fence belonging to a quarry.

Drawing of fence and map of property

Our fundraising goal for this project is $25,000. Please contact us for more information or click 'Donate' below to help us reach our goal. Thank you!


Greg and Cheryl Naylor, sponsors of this project

Cheryl and Greg Naylor have pledged to help sponsor this project by raising funds and assisting with the construction of the fence when they visit Frances Gaskin Children’s Refuge in April 2011.

Orphan Relief and Rescue is so grateful for partners like the Naylors, helping to meet the needs of the most deserving children in the world one project at a time.